Adult Volunteers

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Some facts about adults in Scouting

  • New Leaders in Scouting go through an enhanced criminal records check to ensure they are fit to work with young people.
  • None of our Leaders are paid – they are all volunteers.
  • The majority of our Leaders have full time jobs and a family.
  • 44% of our Leaders are female.
  • Leaders get involved because they want to have fun and make new friends themselves.
  • Leaders don’t have to be ‘superheroes’ who know everything. They are given training on the job and learn new skills as they go along.
  • Whilst all our volunteers are passionate about what they do, many help out on a flexible basis due to other commitments. Some may help out once a week or fortnight whereas others help once a term or at summer camp.
  • 27% of volunteers help out in Scouting as they are a parent of a current Member. Many were not Scouts when they were young but have learnt new skills and made new friends through Scouting.
  • Not all volunteers wear uniform.
  • Many of our adult volunteers say they are more confident in their everyday lives as a result of their involvement with Scouting.
  • Not all adults who volunteer for Scouting work with young people. There are a variety of other jobs that need to be done such as gardening and general DIY, organising events, doing the accounts and writing press releases.
  • All our Leaders are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy while taking part in Scouting.

Volunteering for Scouting is one of the most fun, rewarding and positive things you can ever do.

You can give as much or a little time you like and we will match opportunities that fit your skills and time available. If you would like to have fun and make friends, earn professional qualifications and make a real difference to the lives of young people please contact us below.

“For anyone thinking of becoming a Scout, I say, go for it, come and join the big adventure.”

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout

We are constantly on the lookout for new leaders to help run our Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs, Scout Troops and Explorer Units. You can help either as a Section Leader or an Assistant Section Leader or an Occasional Helper if you prefer. With groups running on all nights of the week we can be incredibly flexible to fit your schedule.

We also need people to help at a District level; this could be accounting, budgeting for a big event or running a big District camp for all our young people.

A lot of the activities that young people enjoy most need specialist training to run in order to keep them safe whilst still having a great time. Activities such as climbing, abseiling, archery and kayaking are run by “Skills Instructors”, people who have been training in a specific skill and then assessed as competent and safe to run it. As with all our roles we can provide the training needed if this is something you are interested with.

Similar to the roles available, our training is flexible with a mix of weekend and evening sessions available. Ample drinks and biscuits are provided on our courses with some being fully catered. The amount of training needed varies depending on the role but we always aim to keep it as fun and relevant as possible. Training courses can also lead to nationally recognised qualifications from the Open College Network!

What happens if I want to join up?

There is an application form to fill out which any leader will be able to help you with.

For some roles you will be required to meet a small group of people outside of the Group to discuss the role you wish to take on.

References are also required for some roles. 

An enhanced Criminal Records (or equivalent in Scotland or Northern Ireland) check is carried out on all volunteers.

More information about Adult Volunteering can be found on the Scouts head office pages